The new Audi Q3 II will be presented in the first half of 2018

Autocar, referring to its own sources in Ingolstadt, reports that the official premiere of the Audi Q3 2 generation crossover will take place in early 2018, and European sales of the new model will begin in July.
The Germans abandoned the PQ35 platform, so the new Audi Q3 of the 2018-2019 model year is built on the MQB trolley, which reduced the car’s weight by about 50 kg. The SUV has got a stiffer body, which should minimize the level of extraneous noise and vibration in the cabin.
The overall length of the new Audi Q3 2019 model has increased to 4,450 mm (+ 62), and the wheelbase has grown to 2,650 (+ 47). Also, the all-terrain vehicle became a bit wider – 1,860 mm (+ 29).
Specialists of the brand note that the increased size allowed to make the interior roomier, while the new Q3 will fit neatly into the model range, occupying an intermediate position between the subcompact Q2 and the medium-sized Q5.
The basic power unit for the new Audi Q3 II was a 1.5-liter “turbo-quater” with a capacity of 150 hp. At the same time, the line retained 2.0-liter petrol and diesel engines, while the top-end RS Q3 will be equipped with a 350-horsepower engine of 2.5 liters capacity. Transmission – a six-speed mechanics, or a seven-band robot.

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