Audi Prologue Concept hinted at the design of future models

At the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2014, Audi presented the prototype Prologue, which was developed with the direct participation of the chief designer of the brand Marc Lichte. Novelty is unusual exterior design elements that will be involved in future models of Audi.
Dimensions Audi Prologue Concept up 5100x1950x1390 mm (length, width and height). Wheelbase is 2940 millimeters. “Prologue” was shorter and lower than the Audi A8 (D4) sedan on the 35 and 70 mm, respectively. The wheelbase is also larger in the production car (by 52 mm).
Concept is equipped with a 4.0-liter gasoline turbo engine V8 TFSI. Performance power unit makes 605 hp(700 Nm). The engine is paired with eight-speed automatic transmission. It is worth to mention the function Overboost, which can activate a short (15 seconds) to increase the torque to 50 Nm more.
Representatives of the German company shared and dynamic characteristics of new items. It turned out that from zero to hundreds of Audi Prologue accelerates in just 3.7 seconds. Considering the fact that all-wheel drive coupe weighs about 1 980 kg, the result is outstanding.
For the manufacture of body Audi Prologue specialists used a heavy-duty aluminum and steel. The prototype boasts matrix headlamps and rear LED-lights, which is created when the three-dimensional effect.The prototype is equipped with 22-inch wheels and powerful carbon-ceramic brakes.
Mention also deserves a five-link suspension, mounted both front and rear. In addition, Audi Prologue Concept has full-drive chassis rear wheels can rotate up to 5 degrees.
To finish the interior of the car used several different types of skin. Inside, there are four individual seats that adjust to a particular person already known to them, identifying a passenger in his smartphone.
Concept sports a presence of multiple displays. One of them is located in the center console, directly in front of the driver. The other is located in front of the front passenger, while the third – between the front seats on the center console.
Prologue gets you into a series? Answer this question in the Audi is not going to, but some of the technology involved in the prior art may be used in future models of the Audi A9.

Prologue Avant.

At the auto show in 2015 Zhenene German Avant wagon will present a concept on the basis of Audi Prologue, which in future could develop into a real competitor to the car Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. Unlike the Coupé, the Audi Avant Prologue turned 10 mm longer (5110), 20 mm wider (1 970) and 10 mm higher (1400) source.
In addition, Audi Prologue Avant Concept equipped with another power plant – here are a 3.0-liter diesel V6 and an electric motor, which together give 455 hp and provide the vehicle acceleration from zero to hundred in 5.1 seconds. Air suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and chassis polnoupravlyaemoe saved. In general, the design of the exterior and versatile interior design with four separate seating areas is practically identical to the coupe.

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