According to the publication Autobild, Audi is going to release in 2017. The all-terrain modification “charged” versatile person the RS6 Avant. Sell this model plan exclusively in China, where they like to powerful SUVs. Thus, the Germans will create a symbiosis RS6 and the A6 Allroad quattro from. Under the hood of this will be a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo power of 560 hp (700 Nm), and on the back of the model will be a protective plastic kit. The machine will increase the ground clearance, suspension upgrade and install any other wheel. All this is likely to lead to the fact that disperse hundreds Terrain Audi RS6 Allroad will spend a few more of those 3.9 sec., Required source. About the possibility of supplying such a model to the European market, as well as pricing information is no no.