Audi introduced the sport prototype R18 for season 2016

Summing up the sports season of 2015, Audi has introduced a new version of a racing prototype R18. The Germans claimed that the machine is “the fastest car of the brand”.
Sport car was a hybrid power plant, which went into the 4.0-liter diesel V6 TDI. The total capacity of the unit is not yet known, but the Audi note that the new version of the R18 will be more powerful than its predecessor. Note that the prototype of the 2015 sample develops 830 hp.
Interestingly, the new model of the Germans abandoned the kinetic energy recovery system, opting for the scheme with lithium-ion batteries. The latter is used in a racing prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid.
The updated Audi R18 almost completely changed the front part of the body, while using a variety of lighter components in the design of the car. It is possible to improve the car’s aerodynamics and reduce its weight.
In 2016, the Audi R18 will take part in the world championship on races on endurance (WEC) and the marathon 24-hour Le Mans. The debut of the sports prototypes will be held on April 17, 2016 th at the British Silverstone track.

foto-r18-2016_01 foto-r18-2016_03 foto-r18-2016_02

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