Audi cars have received tracking function for the traffic lights work

Audi has equipped the A4 (B9) sedan, all-terrain A4 allroad and Q7 2017 model year SUV tracking the status of nearby traffic lights system, which will be launched in some cities in the US in the autumn of 2016. Necessary for their work information electronics receives directly from the city’s traffic management system, and the data is transmitted using the installed devices in the car, which runs on the LTE standard. Information about the current state of the nearest traffic light is displayed on the instrument panel and projection displays, a glance at the driver who, for example, will be able to see the green light lights up in how many seconds. In the future, Audi specialists are planning to combine the operation of the system with the navigator and the function of “start-stop”. The Germans believe that all this will improve fuel economy under regular trains in large cities.


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