Audi’s engineers have developed six-door version of the flagship sedan of the A8 L (the D4). According to rumors, the car is built in a single instance, ordered the King of Norway Harald V. On the transformation of four six-seater Audi A8 limousine specialists took more than a year. The Germans stretched sidewall platform and central tunnel with the help of sections of extruded aluminum. They also redesigned the front pillar, reinforced roof structure and installed dual partition between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. In addition, the car has received a large panoramic glass (2.4 meters). After these modifications, the overall length of the Audi A8 Extended increased to 6.36 meters (+ 1.1 meter), and the wheelbase – up to 4.22 meters (+ 1.09 meter). limousine weight increased to 2418 kg. Six separate seats with electric adjustment, finishing in which the “super soft skin” used in the passenger compartment installed. Experts Audi extended center console to the third row. This solution has allowed to establish the rear screen entertainment system, climate control and a fridge bar. The movement six-door Audi A8 L leads the 3.0-liter petrol engine. Working in conjunction with the eight-gun, a motor develops 310 hp and 440 Nm, which allows a limousine to exchange first hundred after 7.1 seconds after launch, and the maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h. Among the other technical features of this model are worth mentioning reinforced brakes borrowed from the “charged” the Audi S8, exclusive 19-inch wheels, as well as the headlights and rear lights with integrated additional signals, the presence of which is stipulated by the European legislation.

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