As part of today launched Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, Audi has shown the new car for the German body series DTM, the basis for which was taken A5 coupe.
The car with the thoroughly redesigned electronics and aerodynamics will be released at the start of the championship in the 2012 season. Audi motorsport engineers felt that for successful performances novelty wing need more than the current version, size, and increase the radius of wheels and new tires. In addition, in order to overcome the race of races without refueling, the fuel tank on the Audi A5 DTM has been increased to 120 liters.
The new body for the A5 DTM is a powerful monocoque of carbon fiber, which is the ability to withstand a side impact is four times higher than in previous versions.
Note that Audi was the second championship of the participants showed a new car. His first car presented the Bavarians, who returned to the German Touring Car Championship next year in the coupe the BMW M3 DTM, and the presentation of the new car from Mercedes-Benz to be held in the near future.