At the motor show in Frankfurt in 2007 the world premiere of fourth-generation sedan Audi A4, received an index of body B8. The basis of the model laid down a new platform MLP (Modular Longitudinal Platform), which later presented two-door German automaker Audi A5 Coupe.
Compared with its predecessor, the new Audi A4 (B8) grown in all directions. Its overall length is 4701 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2808), width – 1826, height -1427, and the clearance is 150 millimeters (you can order a package for bad roads increased by 10 mm ground clearance, a sport suspension with 130-mm clearance).

Configuration and price Audi A4 2013.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.8 TFSI 6G (120 hp) $31,100 1.8 petrol (120 hp) Manual (6) front
1.8 TFSI Multitronic (120 hp) $32,200 1.8 petrol (120 hp) variable speed drive front
1.8 TFSI 6G (170 hp) $34,700 1.8 petrol (170 hp) Manual (6) front
1.8 TFSI Multitronic (170 hp) $37,000 1.8 petrol (170 hp) variable speed drive front
1.8 TFSI 6G quattro (170 hp) $37,200 1.8 petrol (170 hp) Manual (6) full
2.0 TDI Multitronic $39,100 2.0 Diesel (150 hp) variable speed drive front
2.0 TFSI 6G $40,100 2.0 petrol (225 hp) Manual (6) front
2.0 TFSI Multitronic $41,400 2.0 petrol (225 hp) variable speed drive front
2.0 TDI Multitronic (177 hp) $41,600 2.0 Diesel (177 hp) variable speed drive front
2.0 TFSI 6G quattro $41,900 2.0 petrol (225 hp) Manual (6) full
2.0 TFSI S tronic quattro $43,400 2.0 petrol (225 hp) Automatic (7) full
3.0 TFSI S tronic quattro $54,100 3.0 petrol (272 hp) Automatic (7) full
3.0 TDI S tronic quattro $56,200 3.0 diesel engine (245 hp) Automatic (7) full

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The increased size of the car allowed engineers to add space inside the Audi A4, and the amount of luggage up to 480 liters. Thus sedan weight was reduced by 10%, compared with the previous generation machine.
Externally, the Audi A4 (B8) remains fully recognizable, but the designers managed to give the appearance of greater refinement of the model and style, especially after restyling in 2011. Updated sedan and wagon A4 Avant (B8) have got a modified radiator grille and bumpers and light retouch.
Inside, you can mark a completely new steering wheel, slightly paraphrased center console with upgraded units, climate control and audio controls, as well as the refined dashboard.
Much more attention was paid to the technical aspects of the engineers restyled Audi A4 (B8). The basis of the new products has laid down the modernized chassis with optional adaptive suspension, advanced all-wheel drive and the electromechanical power steering instead of hydraulics.
The basic power unit for the Audi A4 is the new 1.8-liter turbo engine, available with a capacity of 120 and 170 hp Also, customers can still order a car with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, giving out 225 hp and diesel engines from 2.0-liter returns from 136 to 177 hp and 3.0 liters capacity of 204 and 245 hp
The top-end engines in the lineup was the 3.0-liter TFSI with a mechanical supercharger, the available capacity of 272 and 333 hp The last option is set sports modification Audi S4 and wagon S4 Avant, can gain a hundred places in five seconds.
As transmission for Audi A4 (B8) offers a 6-speed manual, stepless variator and 7-band preselektivnoy “robot” S tronic. Any version of the sedan can be equipped with a proprietary AWD system Quattro, and its expensive versions are already in the basic equipment.
In addition, the car has got additional systems, including a system for tracking the driver fatigue, tracking system for marking and “blind” areas, wireless Internet access point and a new generation of MMI c mapping service from Google.
The price of the new Audi A4 sedan in 2015 begins $31,100 for the initial 120-strong modification with six mechanics (surcharge for variator – $900). A more powerful version with an engine power of 170 will cost at least $34,700.
For a car with four-wheel drive dealers ask from $37,200, while the sedan with an engine of 225 hp It will cost from $40,100. The cost of top-end petrol Audi A4 2015 reached $56,200. But this does not include the many available options.