Aston Martin Vulcan received upgrades from AMR Pro division

Track supercar Aston Martin Vulcan received a package of improvements from the sub-brand AMR Pro-British brand, which aims to improve the aerodynamics of the model and optimize the settings of a transmission. Public premier such modifications Festival held rate Gudvude 2017. Front Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro received other body panels and a pair of flaps on the sides. Plus there is set a front splitter with active elements. Rear track supercar added a new wing with two straps. All these elements increase downforce at high speeds and provide a high aerodynamic performance. Representatives of the Aston Martin claim that the total downforce Vulcan Service from AMR Pro has increased to 4000 Newtons (+ 850). Installing such a body kit is also allowed to make a supercar more balanced, as the center of pressure is closer to the center of gravity. On top of the developers of the AMR Pro managed to reduce the gear change time, and, according to the test driver unit Derek Turner, a coupe version has become more responsive. But the model did not touch the engine, so that the movement of the car still leads 7.0-liter V12, developing 820 hp and 779 Nm. Recall that just were built only 24 copies Aston Martin Vulcan, at the same time, some owners have already agreed to order a packet from AMR Pro, which installs them in the autumn of 2017, but the cost of the upgrade is not specified.

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