At the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 presented an unusual Aston Martin DBX, combines the features of a sports coupe and off-road vehicle. While this is only a prototype, and the question of its launch into production is not.
The original body of the Aston Martin DBX is unlike any of the existing models of the company. The exterior design uses a proprietary grille, narrow LED head optics, high thresholds, stylish covers on the rear rack and large wheels.
Quadruple room concept Aston Martin DBX is made in a minimalist style, with the interior completely absent center console and instrument panel. All necessary information is displayed on the projection screen, two (one for the driver, the second – for the front passenger).
In addition, the prototype was a rear view camera instead of traditional mirrors and high-strength windscreen with automatic dimming. A movement of Aston Martin DBX Concept bring four electric motors – one for each wheel. However, the characteristics of the installation are not specified.
For electric power meets a set of lithium-sulfur battery, and all controls are technology Drive-by-wire, ie by wire. Also included in the equipment of a prototype carbon-ceramic brakes and a kinetic energy recovery system KERS.
The company did not deny the interest in creating a new model in the future with non-standard for the Aston Martin body type. It will soon acquire Utility and Bentley, and Rolls-Royce, and Lamborghini, and Maserati.
As the chassis for the upcoming new items planned to use the “carriage” of the Mercedes-Benz GLC crossover, but because of its lack of sportiness British abandoned the idea.

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