Ariel Atom 3 has received 40 horses from Wimmer RS

Buying outdoor Ariel Atom 3, its future owners are probably planning to leave on track days where may well be confronted with the owners of a similar technique. If you are not too confident in their own abilities to beat opponents on the same atoms, then you can try to secretly contact the experts from the Wimmer RS. Engineers from Wimmer without problems increase return the 2.0-liter Honda engine on your Ariel Atom 3 by an additional 40 hp bringing its capacity up to 340 “horses” instead of three hundred in the standard version. At the same time, also increase the maximum torque of the motor, reaching a value of 282 Nm at the peak. This will allow the atom weight of only 469 kg, with a place to gain a hundred in 2.8 seconds and accelerate to hundred in 7.1 seconds. And then your chance to leave behind rivals grow until they decide not to give their Ariel Atom 3 for revision in Wimmer.

ariel-atom-3-by-wimmer_02-650x433 ariel-atom-3-by-wimmer_01-650x433 ariel-atom-3-by-wimmer_03-650x433

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