The appearance of the hatchback Ford Focus 4 generation

In 2018, a new Ford Focus 4 generation is expected. As before, the car will be available in body styles five-door hatchback, sedan and station wagon, the latter can also get an all-road variant Active.
Compared with its predecessor , the Ford Focus 2018-2019 in the new body will be slightly larger – all this should positively affect the increase in space in the cabin and the volume of the luggage compartment.
Judging by the first photos of the new Ford Focus 4 2018, the hatchback lost the side windows in the rear pillars, which allowed to widen the doorway somewhat in order to facilitate entry/exit to passengers. A larger hexagonal radiator grille, a fashionable head optics with diode sections (for top assemblies) and rear lights of a fundamentally different shape are noteworthy.
It is expected that the car will be based on a modular platform, which will allow a little weight reduction (approximately 50 kg). The manufacturer promises to keep the gambling manageability of the model, but at the same time to add ride comfort and better sound insulation. In the salon we are waiting for a redesigned front panel, other steering wheel and dashboard, modern multimedia and a lot of electronic assistants.
As for the range of powertrains for the Ford Focus 2018, it will for the most part be borrowed from its predecessor. The base will be a 1,0-liter three-cylinder gasoline turbo EcoBoost, available in recoil options for 100, 125 and 139 hp. The pair will be a 1.5-liter diesel TDCi (95, 105 and 120 forces). There will also be hybrid and all-electric modifications, the “warmed” ST and the luxurious Vignale.
Recall that the third Focus debuted in 2010, and four years later he experienced a small restyling. The model is successfully sold in Europe and the US. But the years are taking their toll – the demand is gradually falling, so that the Focus IV company has high hopes. The beginning of sales of new items is planned for the autumn of 2018, and before us the first cars will hardly reach before the first quarter of 2019.

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