Started mass production of “anniversary” version of off-road Lada 4×4. New, prepared for the 40th anniversary of the model was named 40th Anniversary. “Anniversary” Lada 4×4 is available in white, beige, gray, blue, red and terra cotta. In addition, the vehicle can also be ordered in a camouflage shade, and for the first time in the history of painting AvtoVAZ cars in this color will be produced at the factory. Spotted SUV camouflage pattern is performed by a combination of a light green, dark green and black shades. Metal parts such SUV bumpers are painted in black and mounted on wheels black wheels. On vehicles in the other color are the last black and silver. Interior Lada 4×4 40th Anniversary received steering trim and seats so-called, the customer may choose either a combination of gray and black, and a brown or beige. In addition, this model a special design of the instrument panel pad on the stainless steel sills and serial number plate. Jubilee modification was the most expensive version of the Niva. The SUV in three-door body set price $9,900, and the five-door version costs a minimum of $10,600. The first copies of Lada 4×4 40th Anniversary will be in showrooms in June 2017. Results will be released 1977 such machines.