Americans discovered fraudulent software for Audi cars

Reuters publication reports that the California Council for Environmental Protection (CARB) found on some models of the Audi brand deceptive software that is installed on the automatic transmission with the aim to understate the actual level of emissions during the passage of the tests on the stands.

Focusing on the steering angle, electronics determines whether the car is traveling on the road, or standing on the stand.

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If, after the start of the wheel remained without movement, then the activation of a special mode of transmission, which allowed to obtain a lower level of emissions. If the electronics fixed the rudder by more than 15 degrees, this mode is deactivated.

CARB representatives argue that special automatic mode of operation used in cars with petrol and diesel engines, but in May 2016 Audi refused to fraudulent software, applying sanctions to the engineers who developed it. Will fined himself automaker – is still unknown.

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