American supercar Falcon F7 2013

At the last Detroit Auto Show in 2011, the company Mach7 Motorsports Michigan unveiled a prototype of a new American supercar Falcon. The car has an aluminum chassis and monocoque carbon fiber, and as a basic unit of words used by the 500-strong “8” LS3 of the Corvette. Also Falcon can be equipped with GM LS9 engine capacity of 640 hp Representatives Mach7 do not yet have accurate dynamic performance of its supercar, but reported that the Falcon will be comparable to the discontinued by the Dodge Viper. Recall that the Viper is able to gain a hundred places in 3.4 seconds, its top speed – 325 km/h, and a quarter of a mile he travels in 10.92 seconds. True, Viper, with its heavy V10 weighs 1570 kg and Faclon – 1293 kg. In Mach7 Motorsports plans to produce 15 supercars in a year, the price of each of which will be in the region of 200,000 dollars. The first copies will have to be delivered by the end of this year.

falcon-supercar_02 falcon-supercar_03 falcon-supercar_01

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