Alpina Roadster V8 model based on the BMW Z8

In November 2002, the Bavarian automaker has ceased production of the BMW Z8 Roadster, but the story did not end models. In 2003, the car continued to produce, but under the name Alpina Roadster V8. Although Harvard is developing a more powerful version of conventional models BMW Z8 in case everything turned out exactly the opposite. The company initially decided to make a sports car softer and more comfortable. The maximum torque has been increased from the initial 500 to 520 nm, and it became available at lower speeds, as compared with the base modification. Another original course – the speed limiter for the Alpina V8 Roadster pushed to 250 – 260 km/h. Standard for the BMW Z8 tires with run-flat rigid sidewalls replaced by softer tires. Also, to ensure a more comfortable motion, experts Alpina Roadster suspension slightly dissolved, and in the cabin to install another wheel, slightly changed the dashboard and seats, and the front panel upholstered leather Nappa. All were released only 555 copies of the Alpina Roadster V8, with 450 of them went to the realization in the United States, where they were for the first time to sell through dealers BMW. Information about the price of the model is not, as for ordinary Z8 at the time of sale requested 128 000 dollars.

foto-alpina-v8_01foto-alpina-v8_03-650x433 foto-alpina-v8_02-650x433

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