Alpina is preparing a charged sedan of the BMW 7-Series G11

The network has a new project videotizer tuning house Alpina – a modified version of “charged” the BMW 7-Series new generation. The video captures the camouflaged vehicle while passing the road test. Despite the camouflage, it is noticeable that the version of the Alpina is not strikingly different from the original. The car will get a slightly modified front and rear bumpers, as well as other exhaust pipes. It is expected that this room is decorated with seven more expensive materials. It is possible that the car will get a different dashboard. Tuner also promise to improve the performance of the standard 4.4-liter turbo V8, developing 450 hp. How it will increase output of the engine is not specified, but journalists believe that the performance of the unit to exceed 600 “horses”. This engine allows the new BMW B7 Alpina accelerates from zero to a hundred in 4.0 seconds, which is faster than the factory version of 0.4 seconds. The fact that the public held the premiere of “Seven” from the Alpina in the video does not say, but most likely, the German tuners bring the car at the Geneva Motor Show, which will open in March 2016.


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