During its short existence the race at the city circuit in Valencia won the not too flattering reputation in terms of entertainment and interest, but the European Grand Prix in 2012 was no exception – get a great show. Although it all began quite trivial – the start was without any excesses, and then the pilots followed one another as places for overtaking in Valencia is extremely small. Started from pole Sebstyan Vettel in the first round began to increase separation from his pursuers. At one point it seemed that the Germans decided not to save the tires to be able to attack at a distance at the cost of extra pit stop. But the first change of tires in the pits pilots went a completely different team. Vettel also boosted as a result of this gap, even after his stop managed to keep the lead in the race. The second time was all Lewis Hamilton and made ​​his way to third place great start Romain Grosjean. For three leaders gradually crept Fernando Alonso, who, in turn, did not let Kimi Raikkonen. The turning point occurred roughly in the middle distance, as happened in the wake of the peloton contact between Heikki and Jean Eric. Both pilots puncture occurred, and pelted with lumps track. Race Direction decided to release the safety car. By the time Sebastian expanded the gap to twenty seconds, which was nevelirovan. And just a couple of laps after the safety car left the track, Red Bull two-fold world champion began to slow until it finally stopped. The leaders had to go Roman, but on the restart it was ahead of Fernando Alonso, so his second place almost immediately turned into the first. However, the Frenchman did not give up and did not let Alonso relax. Just as long as his car Renault also lost speed. As it turned out, and Vettel and Grosjean went down because of the failure of the generator. In second place came the newly Hamilton behind by some vroemya, and again because of a problem in the pit stop, which pursue the British throughout the season. And when the finish line was very little, Lewis was the same as what happened in the last race in Canada, with Vettel and Alonso. The tires on the car McLaren have lost their effectiveness so that the first Hamilton beat Raikkonen and then at a distance of attack approached Pastor Maldonado. Lewis did not want to lose the third place, that defended its position on the latter. As a result, the struggle over the collision – the car of Pastor lost the front wing and the car Hamilton was broken. But that’s not all. While leaders fought among themselves in the back of the field as Glibin seething struggle. Forming a duo, a contender for one bypassed Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber. And at the finish line seven time world champion was the third and fourth avtraliets finished the race – it is when you start with the distant nineteenth place! The winner was Fernando Alonso, who had the tires until the end of the race. Spaniard himself admitted that it was his best win of his career. Incidentally, as a rather distant eleventh place but still stands in front of home. In the second step of the podium he went up Kimi Raikkonen and the third – Michael Schumacher, for whom this was the first podium since his return to Formula 1 after a three year break. And finally a black stripe left behind. Just two runs scored for the past seven races at once turned to Michael seventeen. The fourth in the European Grand Prix in 2012 finished Mark Webber, and behind it there is Nico (5th place), Nico Rosberg (6th place), Paul di Resta (7th place), Jenson Button (8th place), Sergio Perez (9th place ) and Bruno Senna (10th place). The next race was held two weeks later – this is the British Grand Prix.