Lada Vasta Cross – all-terrain version of the versatile Vesta Lada, a pre-production version of which was presented at the exhibition Moscow Off-Road Show 2015 in late August. Currently, buyers are offered Terrain Lada Kalina Cross and Lada Largus Cross, the creation of which has been spent not so much time and money. The demand was at a good level, and in fact they are more expensive than standard versions. All you need to develop a protective plastic kit, put the tire with a higher profile and to replace some suspension components. The rest remains the same technical stuffing. As for Vesta, then it promises to three 1.6-liter petrol engine with recoil at 87, 106 and 114 forces, as well as three types of transmissions: the mechanics, the robot and the variator. Especially for Lada Vesta Concept Cross prepared the wheels of original design, exclusive version of the exterior and interior color inserts. In addition, the company considering the possibility of installation on all-terrain version of the wagon-wheel drive system. In October 2015, the first president of AvtoVAZ. Bo Andersson has announced that the production version of the Lada Vesta Cross stand on a conveyor plant LADA September 25, 2016, ie, exactly one year after the launch of a series sedan Vesta. Information about the cost of the car is not, nor is reported and is joined thereto, the regular version of the versatile.

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