2016 Alfa Romeo MiTo – urban sports compact Class “B” on the European classification. The official premiere of the production car took place in July 2008 at the British Motor Show in London. Presentation of the Alfa Romeo MiTo was held in the fall at the Moscow International Motor Show. But sales failed to renew at the end of 2011, after signing the contract with the new official representative.

Configuration & prices 2016 Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Progression MT $24,200 0.9 petrol (105 hp) Manual (6) front
Distinctive TCT $26,400 1.4 petrol (140 hp) Automatic (6) front
Quadrifoglio Verde TCT $31,200 1.4 petrol (170 hp) Automatic (6) front

Today Alfa Romeo MiTo – the smallest car in the line of the Italian automaker. Nevertheless, it is still bright and beautiful CD, continuing the tradition of style and elegance, which are inherent in older models. The front of the round headlamps and trademark grille looks stylish and very original compared to its competitors.

Salon baby MiTo also bears a significant sporting accent. This is expressed in units of round wells, and seats in the deep-ladles, and the style of decoration and design features. Aspirated engine MultiAir 1.4-liter provides the power to 105 hp, but the same turbocharged engine produces 140 hp already, and fine adjustment of the turbine and the control unit in the top-end version of the model allowed the Quadrifoglio Verde “squeeze” out of the engine very impressive for such a kid 170 forces. In 2014 we brought to us as a base modification of a hatchback with a 0.9-liter motor, which will come out 105 forces. Unitized he paired with 6-speed manual transmission, while the other options put uncontested dedicated six automatic TCT. The price of base the Alfa Romeo Mito 2015 is $24,200┬áper car assembly Progression, which includes ABS, ESP, seven airbags, air conditioning, full power heated seats, central locking system with remote control and a standard audio system. For top-end 170-strong hatchback in picking Quadrifoglio Verde dealers have asked to $31,200.

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