2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia – the long-awaited sedan from the Italian automaker, which replaces the model 159, out of production back in 2011. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia originally planned to present as early as 2012, but then the timing is constantly postponed. The emergence of Alfa Romeo Giulia constantly delayed – the head of Fiat group did not like the design of the model, we wanted to give up the name chosen for the car. As a result of all this it is so delayed that Julia presented only in the summer of 2015 and only in the “charged” 510-strong version Quadrifoglio Verde. The first official photos of the usual Giulia appeared only in March 2015, from top-end modification QV model has simple bumpers, hood without ventilation slots, rear spoiler, and the lack of massive Diffusers, smaller diameter wheels and narrower wings without side air intakes. And here it is worth noting that the model design, this time more pumped up, because even the former Alfa Romeo 159 in the background Julia looks no worse and maybe better. At the same time the company calls as competitors for its premium news the Audi A4, the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-Class. And for one only looks at the background of rivals Alpha will not choose, as all models of the German trio Clerk exterior today is very good.
The same can be said about the interior. Yes, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia stylish front panel with expanded driver to the center console, steering wheel beautiful, decent materials – but there is no exclusivity, no chips, that would make no fans of the brand to choose Alpha.

Specifications of 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The basis of the Alfa Romeo Giulia lay a new RWD platform is modular Giorgio, which also makes it possible to implement the scheme and all-wheel drive. The range of engines for the new Alfa Giulia, in addition to the top-end 3.0-liter “turbo-six” to return to the 510 “horses”, includes a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol turbo engine with variants forcing 180, 250 and 300 hp, and also turbodiesels in volume of 2,2 (on 135, 180 and 210 hp) and 3.0 (about 340 troops) liters. And last V6 borrowed from the sedan Maserati Ghibli 3.

Configurations and prices.

The world premiere of the new sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia was held at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Orders in Europe, it will start on April 15th, but pricing information is not available. The car is available in three versions: Giulia, Super and Quadrifoglio.

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