The Alfa Romeo company will release the new coupe in 2020

Journalists of the German publication Auto Bild found out that in 2020 the company plans to replace the Alfa Romeo Coupe and Roadster a completely new model that can get revived the name of the Brera. It is expected that the basis of the new model will be taken upgraded RWD platform Giorgio is, when a new built Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan. At the same time revived the Brera will not be a direct heir to 4C, as the Alfa Romeo new model is positioned as a more affordable and comfortable car. In particular, the Italians do not plan to use in the design of carbon fiber machine that will significantly reduce the cost of the car. In this case, the main competitors of the revived Alfa Brera seen BMW 4-Series and Mercedes C-Class Coupe. The range of powertrains future trends will be presented six-cylinder turbo engine and four. Journalists believe that there will be also “charged” coupe version Quadrifoglio Verde in the future. According to preliminary information, the price of the new Brera will start from 40,000 euros, but the timing of the appearance of models on the market is not yet known.


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