Alfa Romeo 4C will bring to Frankfurt 2011

At the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of this year, Alfa Romeo introduced the concept of a compact rear-wheel drive coupe 4C, which will again be shown at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.
Italian carmaker has distributed photos of news, according to which, the coupe Alfa Romeo 4C will change the body color from red to gray metallic (Fluid Metal). The rest of the car looks exactly the same.
It is expected that no izmeneney and under the hood. The first concept was equipped with a 1.8-liter turbo engine 200 hp and robotized transmission with double clutch.
The companies claim that the weight of the Alfa Romeo 4C is only 850 kg. That’s engineers were able to achieve due to the wide use in the construction of aluminum and carbon fiber. From zero to hundreds Coupe is able to accelerate in less than five seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h.
It is expected that the new product will be launched into production next year.

alfa-romeo-4c-concept_09-650x412 alfa-romeo-4c-concept_08-650x412 alfa-romeo-4c-concept_07-650x412

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