Advantages and disadvantages of alarms with auto

Installation of the alarm on the car has long been mandatory for any car. Manufacturers of modern systems offer the device with additional functions. AutoPlay engine – this is one of the most popular options for such devices. Features of the climate made alarm system with auto fairly common among local motorists. Features of this device, its pros and cons briefly described below. The ability to warm up the engine and interior of the car in the winter, from the comfort of a warm room, of course, is very attractive. However, its implementation developers alarms with auto had to solve some quite complex tasks. One of them is related to bypass the immobilizer. The fact that in normal immobilizer (this device equipped with almost all modern cars) is hidden with a unique code chip. At the time of starting the engine code is read on-board computer. When recognizing code engine starts, with a negative response to the request of the computer – the basic systems of the car are blocked. That is for the remote start is necessary to bypass this protection. “Worker immobilizer” is installed on the car engine control. Now, when a signal is applied to the engine autostart it is sent to the control system via a device with simulated presence of the chip with the code in the ignition. At the same time the system security level is not reduced, because when you try to insert a duplicate key ignition engine shuts down when you try to press the brake pedal or remove the car from the parking brake. Although the presence of a code chip system gives a professional thief additional chances. Modern alarm system with auto allows you to preset mode of operation of the engine is started. One of them makes it possible to start the engine using the key fob with remote control. This is useful when the car spends the night under the windows or close to home. If the parking lot is outside the range of the radio signal (about 400 m), you can use a timer that will start the motor at a particular time. The obvious advantages of such systems include the ability to pre-prepare the car for the trip in the cold time of the year without the need to freeze until the engine warms up and the temperature in the cabin is sufficiently comfortable. This saves not only time but also your nerves. Another plus startup systems – accessibility compared to other devices that have similar functions. This solution is simpler and cheaper than, for example, the preheater. Currently the market offers dozens of different systems with different functionality, that are sure to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. In addition, auto-signaling differ low servicing, they are easy to set up and use, even for beginners.

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There are, of course, in such systems and their weaknesses. As mentioned previously, the presence in the car chip “lineman” somewhat reduces the protective properties, although the developers and ensure a sufficiently high degree of safety. Signalization with startup structurally more complex device that can cause less reliable operation and higher prices. When an emergency situation (for example, due to the low temperature the engine will not start, or the machine is in gear) can damage a variety of equipment (for example, so you can fully discharge the battery) or spontaneous movement of the car. the latest generation of systems account for almost all possible situations, but for this they need proper installation. More reliable alarm with auto start work on injection engines and with manual-automatic machines. The disadvantages of such systems may also include a fuel consumption and an increase in an additional load on the battery. In principle, the limitations of these systems have long been known developers. Therefore, the new models with auto alarms and they are considered more or less resolved.

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