AC Schnitzer Atelier presented a modified BMW M3 and M4 Coupe

One of the last AC Schnitzer studio projects is the completion of the “charged” BMW M3 and M4 Coupe. German tuners boosted car engines, as well as changed the design of its exterior and interior. Tuners increased returns 3.0-liter twin-turbo “six” with the original 431 hp and 550 Nm to 510 “horses” and 645 Nm of torque. To achieve such performance gains they managed by reprogramming of the electronic engine control unit and exhaust system optimization. The company also offered for M3 and M4 two new versions of the suspension. The first reduces the ride height by approximately 25-30 mm at the front and 10-15 mm at the rear. The second clearance does even less, understating the car by 30-40 mm in front and about 30 mm at the rear. The company noted that both options can improve the stability of models in tight corners. Advanced tuning version BMW M3 and M4 received from the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic kit. The client can install it partially or fully, with the full kit includes a front spoiler ultra-light carbon fiber (only 400 grams), racing splitter, carbon fiber side mirror housing, as well as two rear spoiler (on the roof and boot lid). The saloon car appeared, aluminum pedals, and made of the same material selector gearshift and handbrake handle. The cost of improvements is not called.

foto-acs-m3-f80_03 foto-acs-m3-f80_02 foto-acs-m3-f80_01

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