In Abu Dhabi, Nico Rosberg won the third race in a row

Nico Rosberg won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2015, winning a third victory in a row, and Lewis Hamilton after winning the title in the United States for the third time in a row is only the second at the finish. We can not say that Lewis is not trying or relaxed, but Rosberg began to speak more at the season finale. Perhaps the absence of impact pressure after the fate of the title in the individual competition proved to be solved. Let’s see how events will unfold in the next season. Kimi Raikkonen finally had a clean race, finishing third and regaining fourth place in the championship standings, ahead of Walter Bottas. Last encountered many challenges, and in the end did not even make the top ten. Great breakthrough realized Sebastian Vettel, who started only 16 positions. At the finish it was the fourth, using different from most opponents tactics. However, after his last pit stop Seb rolled back, but managed to struggle on the road ahead of several competitors. Fifth checkered flag saw Sergio Perez in the Force India, while his team mate Nico finished the race seventh. Between them is placed Daniel Riccardo (6th) in the Red Bull. Alas, the following year, the team is likely to continue to act in the not too successful motors Renault. They finished eighth and ninth Felipe Massa and Romain Grosjean, respectively. And it lasts a long time kept in the middle of dozens, but a late pit stop threw him back. The following year, the Frenchman will play for the US team Haas F1. This season is over, but the start of the next is not far off. Moreover, in 2016 it is expected to stage 21 to 20 this year – added race in Baku. Plus forward to the emergence of a new team and we hope that at the start there are all available.

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