All about the new waffle layout

In addition to the yellow markings on the roads, you can see several new signs. For example, the sign 1.35 “Crossroads” in the form of a yellow square on a dark background with two intersecting diagonals is designed to warn drivers about the presence on the route of the same “wafer” markings (see photo). Some motorists decided that the introduction of such innovation means that going to busy intersections without “wafers” is now not subject to a fine, but in fact, nothing has changed. Article 12.13 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to state that, having recorded such a violation, the inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has the full right to issue a fine. Note that at the moment, even in the cities that participated in the experiment, “waffle” markings are available only at certain intersections, so in the near future road workers plan to work closely on its application. As of April 2018, the “wafer” was only at five crossroads, but by the end of the year, it will be applied at 79 more sites.

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