Tuners from 9ff DR700 studio package provided for the updated Porsche 997 Turbo Coupe. After existing DR530, DR580 and DR640, package DR700 is the most effective, and includes a new high-performance air filter, a new intercooler with modified exhaust manifolds, a new intake system, reprogrammed the unit ECU, an adjustable switch from the cabin exhaust system and turbo 9ff with new camshafts, connecting rods and modified transmission. With all these changes, the engine Porsche 997 Turbo with 9ff DR700 package produces 700 hp and maximum torque of 870 Nm in that allows you to break away from the compartment space to hundreds in 3.2 seconds, 200 km/h the car is gaining 9.4 seconds, and up to three hundred accelerates in 23 seconds. While there is no accurate information about the cost and dates of commencement of sales DR700 package, but we can assume that it will cost not less than 18,000 euros.