Member of ice racing Trophee Andros Jean-Philippe Dayro (Jean Philippe Dayraut) this year for the first time decided to take part in competitions on the legendary speed climb the hill Pikes Peak (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb).
As Jean-Philippe car will use a prototype based on the Dacia Duster No Limit, which is engaged in the construction company Tork Engineering. The car was designed from the ground up chassis, lightweight body, the massive aerodynamic body kit with a huge rear wing and powerful engine.
Learn about technical stuffing is small, but it is assumed that as the power unit for this Duster used boosted to 850 hp 3.8-liter engine from the Japanese supercar Nissan GT-R.
Competitions lifting the hill held in America for 95 years, the distance of the route is about 20 kilometers long and includes 156 turns. This year’s event will take place on June 26th.

dacia-duster-pikes-peak_03 dacia-duster-pikes-peak_02 dacia-duster-pikes-peak_01