700-strong Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate from tuning studio Vath

In the German studio Vath found that the “charged” station wagon Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate could be more powerful, so the tuners decided to correct this omission by presenting a program of modifications for the model. Outside the Mercedes-AMG C63 wagon from Vath can be distinguished by the presence of a carbon cloth, for which asking for 1 980 euros. This body kit includes a new front splitter and a rear diffuser. In addition, for € 690 in the studio are ready to lower the suspension by 20-40 mm, and also to install on the wheels new 20-inch wheels with tires from Continental (€ 2,880). Small changes are provided for the salon of the “charged” station wagon. So, the company offers to install a new speedometer with markings up to 360 km/h for € 1 980, and for a set of branded mats of black velor ask for € 190. As for the refinements of the technical stuffing, Vath Performance specialists are ready to force a 4.0-liter V8 engine with two turbines up to 700 hp. and 900 Nm. This requires a new firmware of the engine-ECU, modification of turbines and installation of an oil cooler for the engine and transmission. For such an upgrade you will pay 12 800 euros. In the tuning studio note that from zero to hundreds of modified C63 Estate can accelerate in 3.3 seconds, and the maximum speed without an electronic limiter reaches 340 km/h. Given the increased potential of the model, it is not superfluous to pay an additional 890 euros for reinforced brakes. Plus, you can order a new exhaust system (€ 3,340), equipped with an adjustable valve, allowing you to change the sound of the exhaust by pressing a special button in the passenger compartment.

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