510-horsepower supercar Ferrari F430 Scuderia

At the motor show in Frankfurt 2007 premiere supercar Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which is a lightweight version of the F430 coupe with uprated engine and an upgraded transmission. The final design of this car was involved multiple champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher, who was personally present at the launch of F430 Scuderia. And representatives of the Italian automaker is constantly compared with the new model race cars. So, compared to the usual Ferrari F430, Scuderia version turned out to be 100 kg lighter – weight cars managed to cut up to 1 250 kilograms. This return of 4.3-liter V8 engine was increased from 490 to the base 510 hp (470 Nm at 5250 r/min), which made ​​the novelty of the model in the line of power ability Ferrari. Maximum skrost supercar has risen from 315 to 320 km/h and acceleration time from zero to hundreds fell from 4.0 to 3.6 seconds. On acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h Ferrari F430 Scuderia spends 11.6 seconds, and on the test track at Fiorano not inferior Ferrari Enzo. Externally recognize the Ferrari F430 Scuderia easily on another front bumper with larger air intakes, which have become less round, as well as additional air vents on the sides of the front of the front wheel arches, carbon-fiber body mirrors, enlarged rear spoiler and a massive diffuser located over him nozzles discharge system. Inside Ferrari 430 Scuderia set lightweight carbon-fiber sport seats with more lateral support, and the interior decoration widely used carbon. To reduce the weight of the engineers had to sacrifice some sound insulation. Among the technical features of the supercar is important to note the installation of the upgraded powertrain robotic F1 SuperFast II, the time at which the change gear is only 60 milliseconds. Refining underwent an electronic differential E-Diff and the traction control system has received other settings. In addition, Ferrari F430 Scuderia has got reinforced ceramic brakes, a new ignition system with its own power management settings and five modes of electronic systems, which can be completely disabled. Scuderia Spider 16M In 2008, the Italians presented at Mugello open version of Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M, equipped with the same 510-strong “eight” that is under the hood F430 Scuderia. At the same time due to the folding roof mechanism vehicle weight by up to 1340 kg. This is 90 kilograms heavier than the closed version, but eighty easier usual Ferrari F430 Spider.

foto-f430-scuderia_03-650x433 foto-f430-scuderia_04-650x433 foto-f430-scuderia_05-650x433 foto-f430-scuderia_09-650x433

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