More than 24 thousand Nissan Qashqai and Note will recall

The Nissan is forced to conduct immediately two recall campaigns, within which 24,117 Japanese cars will be sent for repairs. The first action will concern 13 945 owners of crossovers Qashqai 2 , and the second – 10 226 compactovens Note. According, Nissan Qashqai will be recalled because of incorrectly installed wiring in the front of the cabin. This malfunction was detected in cars manufactured from September 28, 2015 to July 19, 2016. In these instances, the wires can contact wet floor mats, which is fraught with a short circuit with subsequent failure of the power window switch. Threats to life and health, this defect is not. Much more serious is the situation with Nissan Note, as they found a malfunction of the pyrotechnic cartridge of the smokeless-type gas generator (SPI2), which could cause the passenger’s airbag to work incorrectly, and this is already critical. The defect is connected with pillows of firm Takata and has been revealed at cars let out since August, 30th, 2005 on January, 22nd, 2007. Pyropatrons in these pillows use cheap ammonium nitrate as a working substance, which itself is unstable, and over the years under the influence of high temperatures and air humidity and does act with uncontrollable force, because of what the fragments of the mechanism can fly apart at high speed, presenting a real threat to the health of passengers. In the office, Nissan is promised that during the repair, these obsolete pyro-cartridges will be replaced free of charge for more modern and reliable gas generators. The owners of cars promise to inform in writing or by phone, while the list of all VIN-numbers of faulty Qashqai and Note is already published on the site.

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