By 2021, Ford will release a fully autonomous car

Ford has announced plans to release in 2021 a mass model with a fully self-managed, which will be missing not only the steering wheel, but the accelerator and brake pedals. According to the classification of the Community of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a drone will meet the fourth category. This means that the machine will operate exclusively electronic systems. It is possible that this model will be popular in the online service carpooling with fellow travelers. In developing the new model, Ford projects be sponsored four companies, which will give American automakers the necessary equipment and software. Thus, the company will create for Velodyne models available optical rangefinder LiDAR, and Israeli experts from SAIPS develop self-learning artificial intelligence system, through which the autopilot can quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions. Company Nirenberg Neuroscience LLC to develop a drone Ford so-called “computer vision platform”, which will be responsible for navigation and recognition of different objects in the path of the car, and the American company Civil Maps will create highly detailed three-dimensional maps.

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