By 2021, Cadillac plans to launch 8 new models

Edition Automobile reports that the Cadillac company plans to launch by 2021 a minimum of eight new models, with half of them are crossovers.
The first two new products hit the market in 2018. It is a small sedan and a coupe. The first will be built on a front-wheel drive platform of Chevrolet Cruze 2 and will replace the ATS model.
As for the compact crossover, it will be built on the rear-wheel elongated Alpha chassis from General Motors, and it will be called XT3. Later in 2018-2019 years on the market should see a large coupe with the index XT7, and in 2019 planned release of a successor CTS models.
In 2020 there will be another small crossover. Yet unnamed model should be the most compact SUVs American brand. It is reported that in terms of the model dimensions would be comparable to the BMW X1. Finally in 2021 the Americans released XT5 II generation, as well as the flagship sedan CT8.

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