On the next to the Las Vegas SEMA tuning show 2015, Chevrolet introduced a tuning version of the classic coupe Nova 1967 model year.
The car equipped with a 2.0-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine capacity of 275 hp from the Camaro coupe sixth generation. Note that in its modern engine power is comparable to the 5.8-liter atmospheric “eight”, which was completed with the top-end version of the Nova SS.
Replacing the motor and installation of the new six-speed mechanics instead of the old four-transmission positively affected the dynamics of the car. As a result, the tuning version of Chevrolet Nova is gaining hundred with place in 6.4 seconds, with a smooth stroke two-door provides air suspension, and braking are now responsible for the high-performance mechanisms.
In addition, a modified version of Chevrolet Nova and received a visual upgrade. The car is not only painted in the exclusive color Black Gold, but also found him an aluminum grille, upgraded bumpers and unique 17-inch wheels.

foto-nova-1967_02 foto-nova-1967_01 foto-nova-1967_03