As expected, Sebastian Vettel at the start from pole position without much trouble he won the Grand Prix of India in 2012, securing an additional lead over Fernando Alonso in the standings. Championship before the end of which now remains only three races. It turned out that the circuit Buddh, though, and got a very acrobatic and interesting for the riders, but not favorable to a large number of overtaking, so many of the riders finished almost at the same positions from where to start. An exception can only be described Fernando Alonso shot from fifth place to second, to minimize their losses in the standings. True, his gap from the leader in the face of Vettel had already increased to 13 points. Himself Alonso started well and almost walked once both pilots McLaren. Though not right away, but then Fernando still broke the third place, and problems with the KERS system on the machine Webber at the end of the distance allowed the Spaniard to take the second place. Mark Webber finished third, narrowly missed Lewis Hamilton (4th place). Jenson Button showed the best lap of the race, but only crossed the finish line in fifth, and behind him the checkered flag saw Felipe Massa (6th) and Kimi Raikkonen (7th place). The latter two have spent the entire race in heavy combat, but ahead of the Brazilian Finn did not succeed, even though the fuel deficit on the car Ferrari. Probably due to lack of fuel pilot Scuderia did not complete the circle back to the pits, zaparkavavshis on the grass after the finish. India finished eighth in Nico and closed the top ten Roman (9th place) and Bruno Senna (10th place). Vitaly Petrov (17th) fell slightly at the start, but had a good race and to play several positions ahead of team-mate Heikki Kovalainen sveogo. The next race will take place just a week – it will be the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in 2012.